The first time i traveled to malaysia


I have really been travelling like crazy. This was my friends tell me when I traveled alone in Malaysia.In the first day, I came to ML, I befriended with Malaysian in KL, Chinese origin. During KL trip, he drove me to many famous places like Batu cave, Pagoda, and RIM and enjoy local food at night market there and to be my tour guide when I was in Meleka old town, my favourite spot in ML. In the third day, I came to Ipoh, and I befriended with Malaysian origin. We became friends very soon. They toke care of me a lot. They always worried about me and called me again and again .
Every night, I tasted a variety of street food at the difference night market. The price was not expensive, around 10-30RM for 1 person. Chinese food was so irresistible, I enjoy Teh Tarik everyday. Another memory of this trip was the morning at 6am, it was still too dark like 4Am in Vn. I booked the ticket from Kepong Sentre to Ipoh, depature time at 6am. Can u image how I was too brave for walking on that time? I will never book ticket on that time again. Ipoh, I spent much money for shopping here. The price were cheaper than HCMC, they gave special price and discount on Deepavali festival.

Accommodation in KL, you can find the price at 90RM, in Ipoh: 100RM, especially I can find a hotel in Meleka at the price 50RM, this hotel was unforgettable, It was so nice and cute, clean.

I was impressed by the architecture of this historic city, once a Portuguese colony. They spoke 84 languages in the old day here. For the youth Malaysian, they are very smart, they can speak 4 languages: Mandori, Cantonese, English, Malaysian.
One thing I never forget. I feel like God gives me many good friends in my life. Just befriended with Malaysian very soon, but they gave me lots of love, they love me for who I am. They were willing to support me no matter what. They knew I was a girl who travelled alone, they always kept calling me wherever I stopped by. Even they told me they could to be my tour guide, they said if I worried about everything, they would to be there for me, they gave me trust, good advice, and respect for me.

Before I backed Vn, I just only gave them small gift from Vietnam and hugs and tears. They always showed me that I was not alone in during my Malaysian trip.

Thanks for your love and support. Thanks you for the many things. All guys are gifts for me.

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