Learning Muay Thai in HoChiMinh City

❤️ In recent years, Muay Thai has become quite a popular sport in Viet Nam. I have been learning Muay Thai in 2019. There have 2 reasons why I like it:-
First, I find it relaxing and release my stress after working hard for a long day
Second, it helps me keep my body fit and defending myself in a bad situation.
❤️ Muay Thai is taught primarily with a full-contact, competition and self-defense focus. Muay Thai has 3 components: use of the hands/ arms, use of the legs/feet, use of the holds/throw. So you must learn all 3 sections: 
  • punches, elbows, a few throws
  • kicks, knees strikes, sweeps
  • standing holds, throw

What equipment do you need to train Muay Thai? All you need is a pair of kickboxing gloves, hand wraps.

Learning is thought to be easy because of the simple movement but actually, the intensity is very high, requiring good physical training to be able to play the punches and kicks definitely strong.
❤️I have the training sessions of Muay Thai three times per week at No.1 Muay Thai. Preparing for the workout, the first thing you need to do is warm up muscles to prevent injuries. After warming up my muscles, I start to run for 10 minutes, jumps rope for 3 minutes. Then the trainer gives us hard track sessions and then big gym sessions. Then We focus on elbows, knees kicks and punches. The last training sessions are relax muscles, it will helps you not get pain after that.
Muay Thai training is great, it is to build up strong muscles and strong bones. No pain no gain, Exhausted but having fun. Currently I’m at 58kg, not much weight lost but in return, I can feel the fat from belly and thighs seem to be converted into muscles. I got up from being able to kick about 20 kicks for each leg on the kick pad, to kicking 50 kicks, 2 sets now.
Warming up your muscles is very important. Few years ago, I got a serious injury at my knee because I did not do warming up my muscles. Unable not to play any sport for at least 12 months. That time passed, it always reminds me that I should warm up for longer than I had since then.
❤️There are little girls and boys from 9 years old and older to join No.1 Muay Thai club at 1, Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


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