Học từ vựng về tuổi tác Age


Học từ vựng về tuổi tác Age

1. Basic vocabulary

Baby, Infant a baby or very young child up to the age of 1 year old.
Ex: She’s 3 days old
Child a young human who is not yet an adult. Typically they are called a child up to the age of 12 and after that they are usually called teenagers
teenager a young person between the age of 13 and 19
New born(adjective/noun) a recently born child or animal. You can use newborn for the first month or two (em bé mới sinh từ 1 đến 2 tháng)
Adult She’s 20
Toddler  a child that is between the age of 1 and 3 years old.
to toddle.
to walk unsteadily: mới biết đi

1. Ages

  1. He is 28 – He is in his late twenties
  2. He’s 35 – He’s in his mid-thirties
  3. He’s 48 – He’s in his midle-aged
  4. He’s 42 – He’s in his early forties
  5. He’s 85 – He’s fairly elderly

Look at his example
He’s two years old
> I’ve got a two-year-old son

  1. My son is eleven
    I’ve got an eleven-years-old son
  2. We’ve got a daugter of six
    We’ve got a six-year-old daughter
  3. Their baby’s only two months old
    They’ve got a two-month-old baby